Art thee struggling to speaketh thy audience's language?

Everyone dreams of writing their book and sharing it with the world, but few ever become successful. Even the most skilled writers can struggle with the many aspects of publishing a novel. It isn't easy!

My job is to hold your hand and guide you through the complex journey of publishing. 


I'm a virtual assistant who specialises in publishing -  helping authors, small publishers and indie bookstores connect with their audience.

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Struggling to speak your audience's language?


Every book needs a professional critique, whether that's a full developmental edit or a quick proofread. I'll help however needed to get your book perfectly polished.

Self Publishing

Self-publishing is a great option for hopeful authors, but it can be a complicated journey. My specialty as a VA is assisting you with every step in becoming a successful self-published author.

Author Marketing

Are you overwhelmed with the idea of hashtags and likes, analytics and target audiences? The world of book marketing isn't easy to navigate, but I can guide you through it. 

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