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The world of creative writing is changing. Traditional publishing, though rewarding, is a slow and difficult process. Self-publishing is becoming a popular option for authors, but with it comes an oversaturated market. If you hope to compete, through either method, your manuscript needs to be at its absolute best. ​

Developmental/Substantive Editing:

This type of editing deals with 'bigger picture' issues. 

  • Plot & chapters              

  • Characters                     

  • Tone, Voice and Style   

  • Overall edits before publication

Copy/Line Editing:

This type of editing deals with writing style and readability. 

  • Sentence structure            

  • Spelling & grammar           

  • Word choice and strength

  • Tense, tone, flow and clarity 


Proofreading is the final level of editing completed before publication. A proofreader will check your work for any typos, mistakes, or formatting issues. 

Beta Reading:

Many authors ask beta readers to read their books before publication. A beta reader will be in your target audience and will know your genre, so their comments are extremely helpful. 

Editing rates are based on your manuscript length and genre, as well as the extent of editing required. Please send a sample of your manuscript to for a quote. I look forward to reading your work!

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